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Sometimes we've even surprised ourselves with what we've been able to acquire for our customers when it comes to promotional items.

Customers have repeated business with us which is our indication that satisfaction prevailed in quality, price & service.

Whether you're looking for lapel pins, mugs, glasses, coolers, flags, ribbons, apparel or any other item requiring customizing to promote your business or event be sure to inquire with us before you make your final choice. You won't be disappointed.

Remember, the catalogues you receive in the mail are not always the best price. Check with us first.

When it comes to flags, we stock several sizes of Canadian & U.S.A. flags. Made in Canada using Tri-Lok Polyester material our flags will pass the test. Again, repeat business is our indication of good quality, price & service.

Choose from our supplier catalogue & we can also special order a variety of flags representing any other country as well as armed services, special events etc. Triangular shaped pennants to highlight parking lots or entrance ways are also available.

Wave the flag... fly it proud !!!

Click here for more information on Custom
Lapel Pins. Medals, and Tags


Disposable FFGS coveralls make for a quick and easy base for Halloween costumes. Eg. Ghost busters, dalmations, astronaut, snowman, dough boy, etc.

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