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Controlling Those Pests and Odours!

With the large number of tourist camps & cottage owners in the area along with the farming community nearby we've been able to fill a need for them in the area of pest and insect control.

We stock a large supply of KONK Insect Control Dispensers and refills. Approved for food use areas the KONK battery operated dispenser has proven to be the most popular when it comes to controlling pesky flying insects.

Along with air fresheners for these units we also stock other products to control & kill hornets, wasps, ants, roaches, spiders and other crawling insects.

In stock you can also find a large variety of rat and mouse traps along with appropriate poison baits. In this family of products we also provide several of the environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, originally manufactured by the RYTER CORPORATION, such as Quick John for use in the outdoor biffy or if you've modernized, for use in septic tanks. These are 100% organic, highly concentrated and very effective to provide you with the best value for your dollar and the environment.


Part #974HG
Comes in: 400g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans
Pressurized space and contact spray

KONK Insect Repellent

Part #904
Comes in: 190g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans

28.5% DEET (N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide)
1.5% Related toluamides.

KONK Insecticide ABS Spray for Horses
Part #921HS
Comes in: 325g can, case of 12 cans

KONK Crawling Insect Killer

Part #499
Comes in: 482g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans
Pressurized contact and residual crack, crevice, and spot insecticide spray

KONK Insect Blaster

Part #493
Comes in 699g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans
Pressurized spray indoor/outdoor use

ATTACK Ant Killer

Part #325420
Comes in: 240mL bottle

Ant Killer Dust

Part #30273
Comes in: 500g container

Automatic Timed Release Dispenser
For continuous control of unwanted flying insects or odours

Konk deodorizing sprays are available in: Cool breeze (organic odour eliminator), Orange Burst, Nirvana, Classic Cherry, Odour Neutralizer, Exotic Garden, Baby Powder, and Mulberry.

KONK Hornet and Wasp Spray

Part #970HW
Comes in: 325g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans
Pressurized contact and residual spray

KONK Insecticide Foam
Part #973
Comes in: 496g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans
Pressurized contact and residual insecticide spray

Part #483
Comes in: 500g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans

GOOD SENSE Air Freshener: Country Garden Scent

Part #239355
Comes in: 368g Aerosol can, case of 12 cans

CHAMPION I Restroom Odour Neutralizer

Part #06692
Comes in: 473mL bottle

MEGASORB Super Absorbent and Deodorizer

Part #240600
Comes in: 454g container

BAN-O Liquid Deodorant

Part #J80C4
Comes in: 3.64L jug, case of 4 jugs

Pre-spray FFGS Blue Thunder Degreaser Cleaner onto tires and rims when you first begin to wash your vehicle. Dirt will be softened and with a light brush which is also available at FFGS clean wheels. This will provide a finishing touch to your at home vehicle wash.

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