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We have played a “Key Role” in our customers’ lives for quite a number of years and you know…

we’re pretty good at it. That’s why we suggest, when you require key-cutting services go straight to Fort Frances General Supply. Your time is valuable, and with over 800 different key blanks in stock, we’re sure to have a match for your keys. If we don’t there’s a good chance we can get it. More importantly, we’ll cut it to work.

In stock you’ll also find a good selection of various locks to keep your items safe and secure. We carry a variety of locking devices including trailer hitch locks, gun locks, gun cables, cabinet locks etc. If you already own a MASTER Brand lock and are looking for another lock, we can key what is called an “L-U” series lock to match the key you already carry for the original lock. One less key to fumble around with! Great idea that works slick & quick!

Lockout tags and lighter weight lockout locks are available. Looking to save a few dollars? Who isn’t? If you have a new vehicle that requires one of those computerized chip ignition keys and are looking for an extra key that will simply open the door, but not necessarily to start your vehicle, in most cases we can cut a key for you. It won’t start your car, but it will unlock the door and save you the locksmith fee if all you’re trying to do is retrieve your locked computerized keys inside.

While you’re at Fort Frances General Supply, be sure to check out the large variety of key tags (some engraveable). We’ve gathered together quite a unique collection of novelty items that fall into the category of “Things You Can Attach To Your Key Ring To Fill Up Your Purse OR Pocket More Than It Already Is So You Are Less Likely To Lose Your Keys”.

Come and see us at Fort Frances General Supply soon and let us play a
“Key Role” in your life !!!

Set yourself up with a FFGS professional window cleaning kit. The challenge that faces you every time your windows become dirty, will be eliminated.

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