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BLUE THUNDER Tough Dirt Cleaner

Degreaser (Part #000939)
Comes in: 4L Jug, Case of 4 Jugs

A highly concentrated industrial degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. 939 is a fast-acting cleaner that attacks and dissolves oil, carbon deposits, tars, caked grease and stubborn soils. Instant action for your really tough cleaning jobs. Low foaming - easily rinsed with water.
Excellent for automatic/conventional scrubbers, and spot cleaning with trigger sprayers.
MSDS Sheet

For light cleaning 1:160
Floor maintenance 1:80
Light degreasing, stripping 1:40
Heavy degreasing 1:20
For food contact surfaces, rinse with potable water.

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BLUE THUNDER Tough Dirt Cleaner (Part #0230134)
Comes in: 4L Jug, Case of 4 Jugs

Blue Thunder is an amazingly effective solvent detergent cleaner for tough dirt on water washable surfaces.
Always pretest first time on any surface. Do not use on glass.
MSDS Sheet

Dilution Rates:
Light soil 1:80; 12mL/L (2oz./gal)
Medium soil 1:40; 25mL/L (4oz./gal)
Heavy soil 1:20; 50mL/L (8oz./gal)
Food processing plants:
1. Food products and packaging materials should be removed from areas to be cleaned or carefully protected to ensure noncontamination of food.
2. Food contact surfaces cleaned with this product must be rinsed with potable water before reuse.

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FFGS Glowsticks make excellent safety night-lights for roadside emergencies or night walking.

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